Wednesday, February 17, 2010

here you go.

All your Paramore babies (;
Happy Chinese New Year! xxx.

Friday, February 5, 2010


4 days i was out at camp. 1st to 4th February 2010. PERKHEMAHAN KEPIMPINAN MURID SEKOLAH MENEGAH PERINGKAT JOHOR 2010. Well overall i gotta say, it was awesome.Well here's a summary of what we did in camp.

We went to school like normal not knowing anything. went into class after assembly. first subject, Sivik. studied like normal when 15 mins later our counsellor teacher came into my class asking "siape nak join perkhemahan hari ini!?" so we were thinking and since nobody else wanna go so lets give it a try.Me,kanesh,dhana and wadud.well there was this guy,Naqib when teacher asked him he was like ermm I'll think bout it and stuff.but when we 4 confirmed that we''re going he started to beg teacher or what.started asking teacher to let him go.teacher wanted to but only 4 people from each school.teacher didn't wanna let him go cause of his condition, sometimes passing out.

lets skip we got packing and headed back to school and from there we went to the camp site at tasek utara.very first,registration.wrote our names and all then they asked to hand in all our valuables hp,wallet etc.haih that was the sad part.didn't have enough time to tell people i cant msg them for 4 then after that talkimat.then minum that time i was still in the boring mood thinking that this camp was gonna suck.then they taught us how to set up the camp.and then the Muslims got prayer the non Muslims got introduction i think.introducing everyone.after that ice breaking ,chit chat,played games,divide into groups,teacher gave orders.

not much happen on the first day.but on the first night.our groups had to do night guard where at a certain time we have to wake up and guard.that was boring man.2 boring ours at night and it was freezing cold!and we only had 2 hours of sleep that night.imagine that


Got up at 5.30.the Muslims had prayer.while we had wait for them.very boring nothing much to after the prayer got erm morning exercise and breakfast and exercise again!haha after that we did some kawad which was so hot and boring.i think because of that I'm kinda dark now.hmmm.from that point i was stating to miss home,school and family but i couldn't do anything.hmmm.and so after that they checked our camps.i forgot what happen after that.short term memory.On Tuesday the activities were ikthiar hidup!an activity where we learn to cook in the forest.i learned alot and my group,they cook really well.never tasted anything like that tea break,then ceramah,dinner and night time was a special ceramah,they invited a special guy from JPNJ to give a speech on kepimpinan.and he played with us a game.very nice.I've never played that game before.


got up same time.did the same thing in the morning,and i managed to make a few friends(girl).while the Muslims were having prayer,and dhana they all got their own gang there so i was kinda like alone.and this girl, Zoe came up to and talk.most of the chinese keep asking the same questions bout me.haiyo.why cannot speak chinese and stuff.anyway this Zoe girl,she really sweet.she cant speak much english but shes friendly.anyway that evening we did 3 outdoor activities.Kayaking,Replelling and 3k! Kayak was awesome man!Repelling??also awesome .all of these i never try before.awesome!hahaat that night was malam kebudayaan where each group have to perform a drama or a song.we did drama.our drama was kinda lame but we got 3rd place!hehe not bad eh!at that time i already made alot of friends which was kinda cool!haha i love making friends.that night was my best night at the camp.i sleep well cause my pillow was my bag of underwear.hahaha CLEAN undies okay!


woke up same time did the same thing all over again.but when they Muslims had their prayer we non Muslims were in the hall.well most of them sleeping but me and some girls were up.found a guitar then me and Baxter were like dong a concert there.hahah awesome guy!hahah really awesome.and we even taught them a song.and this girl abby!she's like the first chinese girl that acts like a malay.i mean she knows every malay song.she's awesome and sporting and all.the whole camp loves her.the call her jawa.hahaha but she learn this song damn fast pro pro.and after that we had to pask our camps.erm pack our stuff had our lunch and went to the hall for the last time.teacher taught us all kind of lame claps.haha but its really fun.then commander talk and talk and talk while we took each others numbers and emails.haha then when we got our phone back.hahh time for photos!and then all the teacher sang goodbye song while we went around shaking hands,hugging each other goodbye.some crying some sad.hahaha that was all.then we got back.and i miss them already.hehe

me and Zoe

i only took some photo with some people.more photos coming up!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time really flies. Its gonna be February soon. What I'm looking forward in February is..Chinese New Year!yeah!all those red packets.get to meet all my relatives.i think this year we're going back to Ipoh.our cousins are all in kl but our granny's are at Ipoh. Ipoh kinda far but oh well. as long as we get to meet our family members :D

Almost one month in school and it's really boring. For one month i have been scolded a few times!haha but oh well its so boring in school I'm sure if you were in my shoes you'll do stupid and crazy stuffs that will annoy teacher.hehehe like singing in class,making a hell lot of noise,walking here walking there,playing mobile phones etc.

You know then concert I've been wanting to go, well i cant go.damn its depressing you know. what if you cant go to your fav band will you feel?sad?depressing?angry? that's what I'm going through right now.damn it. ILOVEPARAMORE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Damn it!

Damn! this why i hate Monday assembly! spot check! you know how annoying it is to put up your hair every time when they wanna check. today wasn't my day at all. i got caught by this stupid prefect! he thinks my hair is long. well it is but his back hair so long teacher never said anything. so not fair you know. and you know what. i just cut my hair earlier this month. not yet one month already need to cut.

Why me??why why why??luckily he gave us a warning. i have to cut tonight if not Ahmad will cut for us. and you that Ahmad another one. he cut like one sakai la. he'll just cut one straight line across the fringe. basket. why la Mr.prabha why??you know i love my hair so much. you want me to flatter you is it?? Mr.Prabha you damn handsome today la. can let me off this time?i got no time to cut tonight also. the salon i always cut close on Monday la.haiyo die la wei tomorrow. nvm .i don't wanna talk bout this.hmmm.

I'm starting to like this band, The Downtown Fiction! awesome band la.better than Jonas bros. too bad they're not as famous as Jonas bro.if not their songs will top the charts. hahah i dont know bout that it's just my opinion that they're better than Jonas bros. :D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Besties! :D

best friends???who knows..

Friday, January 22, 2010


Damn It!I feel so angry right now!i missed the chat!damn it!the online chat with Hayley!oh man!everyone got to chat with her except me!damn it!i missed it!i friggin missed it!i wanted to ask her to marry me..but ah!hahaha kiddin la but walao i missed it know.damn wasted.don't know when is the next time got Hayley online chat.hmmm :( got alot of people missed it.surely all damn depressed one loh. can make new club."the depressed kids who missed the chat"hahaha

damn i missed it!:(

well i found another hayley williams site..check it out:

Video chat rooms at Ustream

Friday, January 15, 2010


2nd week of school finally over. 3rd week coming up!haihs! schools boring!our class teacher..bad la. cannot hear what she say also. her voice very soft. and there's another teacher she like so blur blur.hahaha damn funny and our form 2 class teacher. she's pregnant now. and we're uncles!hahah she'll name the baby Matthew! haha yeah right.

today school was so boring. today i wore the tag "no it's not yours" at my pants!today i was crazy!today we learned add maths which was boring. today almost had i fight. on Monday Paul is gonna fight so we already have our camera we're looking for supporters!hahah who's on Paul side?who's on Eugene's side?i'm on Paul's side cause that Eugene has to shut up!i mean he's already big..and he's talking big!he's acting tough. he said himself he wanna fight with Paul. so we'll see bout that. probably before the fight he'll be on his knees begging not to fight. can bet with you that.haha

went to cs after school today. was all alone. nobody wanna teman me. everybody now taking school bus!so not cool public bus better!haha met up with Diy,Jamiet and her friends. and i don't get it why people so busy body.i mean they already know what happen to me still can ask.haiyoyo then i saw my school dudes. saw Vicky and her friends. saw a lot of people today. yeah then after 20 mins in cs balik rumah!hehe home sweet home:D

last night i had an awesome dream!hahaah i dreamt that i was somewhere walking with my sister and we went inside the mrt and i saw this girl sitting when she looked back! guess who it was?!HAYLEY WILLIAMS! i ran to her. hugged her never letting go.i cried.i was so happy!and then after that boom! "Matt!wake up time for school!" hahah my mum kacau my dream! i wish that dream will come true. I'll definitely cry if i get to hug Hayley:D LOVE YA HAYLS!:D